Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So the first Bacon Challenge poll has concluded. With 91 votes, one can conclude that the Bacon Challenge is much more exciting than what is going on in the New Hampshire presidential primary. The poll is coming down, so for documenting sake I'm posting the results here:

Should turkey bacon be counted the same as "regular" bacon?

Yes -- Bacon is bacon: 10 votes (10%)

No -- Bacon is made from pigs, period: 58 votes (63%)

It should be counted the same, but will be cause for ridicule and possibly violence: 21 votes (23%)

Not sure: 2 votes (2%)

So, people like their bacon made from pigs. But you non-pig eaters need not worry. You can Bacon Challenge your own way.

1 comment:

mike said...

I always love how people take the time to vote "Not sure." Thanks for filling us in on your indecisiveness.