Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bacon In The Sun

My parents recently returned from a cruise 'round the Caribbean. This served as a vacation as well as my mom's first venture out into public with a Christmas present that she gave herself -- her first digital camera. I received this photo/caption via e-mail a few days after their return:

Bacon Challenge '08 participant -- there's lots of bacon available on a cruise!

During a discussion of the photo we had via e-mail, this comment was returned, "Some nerve wearing a 2 piece suit."

Clearly there was no mix-up at the hospital. We share the same genetic material. At least when it comes to fat jokes and bacon appreciation.

So eat your bacon, but keep the activity up to burn it off. Summer is just around the corner and that means you're going to probably have to squeeze into a bathing suit and you don't want to look like that overstuffed vacationer. And you certainly don't want to wind up the subject of jokes on some blog about bacon.

Thanks, mom.

And why doesn't someone else blog something? Anything. I'm starting to feel like a bloghog.


Jess said...

Weird! My Aunt Sally was on the same cruise as your mom!

Way to make fun of my family. Jerk.

frank said...

i would so hit that.