Monday, December 1, 2008

What Does The Future Hold?

I received an e-mail from Chris T. about a week ago:

Just came across your site today. A little late to get in on the 08 challenge, but as a daily bacon eater, I could probably catchup in the 6 weeks remaining. Any chance you will be doing this for 2009? I would be interested in participating.


Well? What's our deal? Is the era of challenges over, or do we go at it again? Bacon again or do we switch to something else?

Apples, to see if "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" really holds true?





Something else?

While in the home stretch we should probably get thinking/deciding.


A Lover and a Fighter said...

I like the sound of chris T, and I encourage him to battle it out with us during these last few weeks.

I'm all for an 09 challenge, but I have zero ideas about what it should be. Some other guilty pleasure.

Unknown said...

I'm leaning towards Apples or Bananas, only for health reasons.

Rock out with your bacon out Chris!

Matt N. said...

In honor of Paul Newman passing this year, how about eggs?

mike said...

my vote is for pickles.