Monday, August 18, 2008

I'd Like To Report A Bacon Theft

I went camping this past weekend. Just Friday to Saturday afternoon, but during that short time there was some bacon involved.

Sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning I am awoken by the noise of repeatedly crinkled plastic and some shuffling around. At first I think maybe it is a fellow camper just looking for a latenight snack or something to drink or whatever, but then the quiet noise becomes louder. The twang of hard plastic breaking and then the crash of something falling off of the picnic table gets me fully awake and moving. I get out my flashlight and spot a fat, furry, masked burglar inside the screenhouse under the picnic table. He's got a package of cookies and is squeezing out the door in an attempt to make off with them.

I get out of my tent and chase this raccoon off. He dropped the package of cookies so most of them were able to be recovered. I put them in the cooler and went back to sleep.

Come daylight we were able to survey the scene a bit more carefully. The cookie container had been cracked open a bit. I'm guessing there were some raccoon paws or snout in there so I threw away a few of the cookies on that end of the package, but for the most part no major damage done. Also, some bananas were gone/smooshed. I'd say about four of them. But here's where it gets ugly. I notice some muddy paw prints on the cooler. I also see some paper on the ground. At first I think nothing of it but then ... the bacon!

This bacon was from a market/butcher so it was wrapped in paper as butchers like to do rather than the vacuum sealed packaging of regular store purchased bacon. Every last piece of the bacon was gone. One pound of bacon gone and presumably in one racoon's stomach. Also missing was one hot dog and about five hot dog buns.

Luckily someone had a backup package of bacon so breakfast was not a complete loss. Let this be a lesson to you to not leave your bacon (or anything else) unattended.

Authorities are still searching for the masked bandit. Suspect is considered wily and probably experiencing some vile digestive issues. Approach with caution.

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