Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bacon All Year. Bacon One Day.

Bacon spread out all year long, or bacon on one special day ... there is no wrong way to participate as far as I can tell.

These Bacon Day people commented on a post way back in January when the BC was just getting to be a part of our lives.

They've got a site dedicated to International Bacon Day, which according to their site is: held on the Saturday before Labor Day US (the first Monday of Sep.). This year that is the 30th of August. That's coming up. You have 10 days to prepare.

Go ahead and support this international fest while padding your BC '08 numbers, or getting yourself back in the game or just because you feel like it. August 30, 2008 -- be there.


Alexa said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm glad to see your bacon challenge is still going well. Any favorite recipes you have stumbled upon so far through the year?

WJR said...

Do this pie: