Monday, June 30, 2008

Surf and Swine

Just got back from a little vacay in St. Kitts. Although I didn't see any swine anywhere on the island, there was bacon. Ah, the magic of the shipping industry.

The best use of bacon I tasted was in a little something called the Lobster BLT, served at the Marriott's Bohemia Beach Bar & Grille (aka out by the pool)

A slightly spicy lobster on a roll with bacon, lettuce, tomato. The lobster would be good with nothing else, but this sandwich includes the bonus of two slices of bacon. A nice smoky touch. Here is a photo of half (hopefully your imagination will allow you to picture what the whole thing would look like):


In non-bacon news, I also saw Billy Ocean who was staying at the hotel. For those of you who haven't seen Billy since he was bigtime back in the 80's, he looks like this these days. And just for the record, he opted for the fish burger rather than the lobster BLT. What a fool.

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