Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry Bacony Christmas

It's Christmas morning. I should be ripping open all the stuff that Santa left me, but instead I am putting that on hold for a few minutes so I can share with you how I woke up this morning. At 09:14am I hear a little chime noise from my cell phone -- a photo! I grab my phone and look through my bleary eyes and see this:
This is my gift to you.
If only smell capable phones were more than a dream.

Merry Christmas,
From AP

Now that's what the Christmas spirit is all about!


Unknown said...

I want to say, the bacon looks good but it is over cooked.

Just trying to keep it real!

Not that I still wouldn't eat it.

Anonymous said...

A mother pig, or sow, spends her adult life confined to a tiny metal crate, surrounded by thick, cold metal bars, living on wet, feces-caked concrete floors. When she is old enough to be artificially impregnated, she will be imprisoned again for the entire length of her pregnancy in a cage 2 feet wide — too small for her to turn around or lie down in comfortably.

When she has her piglets, their testicles are cut out of their scrotums, their tails cut off, many of their teeth clipped in half, and their ears mutilated, all without any pain relief. Terrified and in extreme pain, the piglets are often put alone into tiny metal wire cages stacked on top of each other, and urine and excrement constantly fall on the piglets in the lower cages. The animals are given no room to move because, as one pork-industry journal put it, “Overcrowding pigs pays.” Pigs on factory farms are forced to live in their own feces, vomit, and the corpses of other pigs.

WJR said...

Hey Anonymous, that sounds delicious.

T. said...

next year i'm putting bacon on the christmas tree instead of tinsel. should be awesome.

and anonymous? shut your filthy mouth!

frank said...

hey, anon, way to cut and paste your comment from another web site AND make me hungry for some NYE bacon!