Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bacon Challenge '08

Here we go ... a little blog to keep participants and fans of the Challenges Are Way Better Than Resolutions Challenge for 2008. The challenge for this year? 365 strips of bacon in 365 days (actually 366 days) -- it's The Bacon Challenge!
For those of you not good at math, that will mean slightly less than one piece of bacon a day for the entire year. You can do it however you want. One piece a day (with one day off) or 5 pieces at a time, 10 pieces at a time, a pound at a time, 365 in one day, whatever.
Feel free to join in the fun and if you'd like to be a blogger on this site just send and e-mail and we'll make it happen.
Get ready, it all begins January 1, 2008. After that ball drops in Times Square, it's on!

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