Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bacon Secret: The New Post Secret

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These are actual e-mails from actual bacon eaters.

"I like to rub the uncooked bacon on my nipples, stomach and ass, because that's how my uncle did it when I was 12."

"I tell people I hate bacon, but deep down I love it because I hate Jews."

"Bacon killed my father. Not heart problems, but Douglas Bacon shot him in the back."

"When I make bacon for a woman in the morning, I always empty the condom into the pan first."

"I snort bacon bits."

"I wrap my penis in raw bacon and show it to people to tell them this is what happens when you don't circumcise your baby."

"I divorced my wife last year after I cheated on her with her sister. But the real reason was the sister knew how to cook bacon better."

"I make my bacon in the nude, and have the burn marks to prove it."


frank said...

this post sucks.

Unknown said...

Dumping the condom remains in is awesome.

T. said...

i swear this site better not be tongue in cheek. i pray you guys really love bacon as much as you say. i'll be horribly disappointed if this is an attempt at irony.

viva la bacon!