Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Move Over Orange Juice, There's A New Breakfast Beverage In Town

I received this nice e-mail the other day from a fan of the Bacon Challenge:

As an avid follower of the Bacon Challenge I thought I would send you this link...enjoy..


-DCD (Derik)

At first glance I thought that yet another company is trying to make a quick buck by preying on people's love of bacon with a product that will probably suck. But then I read on and realized that rather than just some pre-packaged bacon flavored vodka, it's actually a recipe for making your own vodka infused with bacon's porkly goodness.

Thanks for that, Derik. A stranger, yet looking out for everyone's best interest. You can't complain about that! I'll be sure to make some of this for my half-year bacon party that I am planning in my head. Maybe some bacon vodka martinis? Or bacon vodka bloody marys? I don't know really. The possibilities seem pretty vast.

I'll be sure to write up an update if I (or anyone else I know) actually makes this happen.

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