Friday, January 2, 2009

And That's That

And the year is done. Out with '08 and in with '09.

A good year, I'd say. Some Bacon Challenge success, some Bacon Challenge not quite success, but "mission accomplished" or not I think it's safe to say that the Bacon Challenge '08 was a great thing. All participants and supporters had fun as far as I have heard. As they like to say, "Everyone's a winner!"

As for '09? Well, nobody has really committed to a new plan as far as I can tell. It seems nothing gets people excited and motivated like bacon does. Maybe we get back into it with a new challenge in '10? Or maybe we make a quick decision? I've already had one apple and have another sitting on my desk right now so apples are sounding good to me if anything. But I'd like this to be a group thing so maybe we need more planning than this.

Oh, eating or not, here is a challenge for '09 that a co-worker/beer pong arch enemy is doing ... it's called Year of the Beard. Join in or donate or both (I guess this isn't really ideal for the ladies to participate in, but since the quest will raise some money for battered ladies I guess it all evens out).

Happy New Year everyone ... and bacon, just because you're not part of a challenge this year, don't think we won't still be eating you on the regular.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I like apples, but I feel it may be too late.

BUT if you wish for me to create another site, it will be the bacon site with an apple theme, let me know...

Congrats to all! Go Bacon!