Friday, November 7, 2008

Fatty Boombalatty

Tonight I went and got myself a burger from Buckeye Beer Engine. Bacon was included. Now I know this is a bacon blog and I'd certainly never try to steal away bacon's thunder with something else, but I think the real story here is actually the burger that the bacon resided upon. It was November's burger of the month called Fatty Melt (you love it already, I can tell).

Per the Beer Engine menu, Fatty Melt is this: Our famous half-pound beef patty, lovingly placed between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches filled with bacon and tomatoes.

Note that the patty is "famous", and that "famous" patty is not just slapped between two grilled cheeses, it's "lovingly placed" there. Let the record show that I could taste both the fame and the love.

With that I must sign off as I think I am about to go into a coma. A delicious, delicious coma.

Note: Sorry the photo isn't better. It was a little dark in there and I guess the camera on my phone doesn't care for that.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That looks and sounds delic!

Take care of that coma (maybe with a pint of IPA)!